Friday, July 15, 2005

Coalition to Address Anti-Immigrant Sentiment

I'm reprinting an invitation to an upcoming meeting here in Denver that is planned to address the issue of anti-immigrant hate-mongering.

"Dear Friend,

I am writing to you because I know that you, like me, have had enough of the anti-immigrant bashing that has beset this city. I know that many in our community feel the same but don't know how to show support. I think it is absolutely necessary that we take a stand to recognize that immigrants are here and are a part of our communities. They are people and deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and in a humane manner.

On behalf of Latinos Finding Common Ground, I would like to invite you to an organizing meeting to form a broad based coalition effort based on this simple principle.

Come to our coalition kick-off meeting
Thursday, July 21 at 6 p.m.
at the Escuela Tlatelolco, 2949 Federal.

Let’s raise our voices!
We need a community response--a just response--a unified response
to current attacks on immigrants

I hope you can join us. Please feel free to share this invitation with other groups or individuals.
Thank You,
Adrienne Benavidez for
Latinos Finding Common Ground"