Thursday, June 30, 2005

Chávez Ravine

"A" for effort to Ry Cooder for his latest CD, Chávez Ravine. Not a perfect album but the concept was noble, his heart was in the right place and most of the songs are right on.

UFOs to the Red Scare to Cool Cats and Cool Chicks, all against the backdrop of the demolition of the barrio in the name of progress (which turned out to be the Dodgers). It's a tragedy so many of us know, from Barrio Viejo in Tucson to Auraria in Denver. The CD features Chicano music legends Little Willie G., Lalo Guerrero, and Ersi Arvizu, the vocalist on El Chicano's classic Sabor A Mi. She sings on the last track of Chávez Ravine, Soy Luz y Sombra, and if that song doesn't tear you up, you have no soul, brother.