Monday, June 27, 2005

La Historia Premieres June 27

June 27, 9:00 PM, Rocky Mountain PBS (Channel 6 in Denver)

Tonight is the premiere of the first half of the documentary La Raza de Colorado. This half is entitled La Historia and gives a broad but inclusive summary of Chicanos in Colorado, from way before Coronado to the beginning of the Chicano Movement, which will be covered in depth in the second half of the documentary. I've seen the first half and thought it was very good. Some articulate folks give expert accounts of this history - people like Polly Baca, Lalo Delgado, Eddie Montour, Charlene Garcia Simms, Luis Torres, and my favorite, Florence Hernandez-Ramos, who describes how her father came to this country as part of the Bracero program at the end of World War II.