Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Crime Time Cafe

Steven Torres writes police procedurals. He's published three novels plus several short stories, and he also does interviews, articles, etc. His Luis Gonzalo series includes Precinct Puerto Rico, Death in Precinct Puerto Rico, and Burning Precinct Puerto Rico. Folks who attended this year's Left Coast Crime Conference were able to catch Steven as the moderator of at least one panel. You can find out a lot more about Steven and his books over on his website.

Kirkus, well-known for tough reviews, said this about Precinct Puerto Rico:
"A top-notch police procedural whose engrossing details create an authentic feel. Terse, deadpan prose, believable characters, and an offbeat setting add up to a promising series kickoff." --Kirkus Reviews (starred)

Steven also recently started up his own blog - the Crime Time Cafe. In the cafe he reviews books and short stories, provides news from the world of crime fiction, and also offers his stories for sale on what he calls the Menu of Doom. Roll on over there and check out what he's doing. In the last couple of days he posted an article asking why Manuel Ramos isn't at the top of the best seller lists. Good question. I like his reason #5, but the Dr. Seuss book would have to be If I Ran The Zoo.